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*Tents, Canopies & Marquee (Imported)
*Big Tents (Imported, for 1000 Guests)
*Medium Pagoda/festival Tents
- 35 x 35ft
-20 x 40 ft
-20 x 20ft
-15 x 15ft
-10 x 10ft etc.
*Folding Canopies (Easy Up)
-10 x 15ft
-10 x 20ft
*Special Bridal Canopy
-Bridal Mandap (Crystal canopy for bride and groom)
- Ghost Chairs (Arm & Armless)
- Dior Chairs (Gold & Clear)
-Chiavari (Gold, Black, Silver & White)
-Resin/Clear Chiavari chair
-Executive High Chair
-Banquet chair (imported)
-Plastic chairs
-Bridal chairs etc.
-Glass Table 3.5x7.5"
-Round banquet 72"
-Round banquet 60"
-Round banquet (48")
-Round plastic table 36"
- Rectangular 3x6 ft
- Rectangular 2x4 ft
- Rectangular 4x4 ft
*Table covers
-Banquet (Gold, White, Red, Blue, Silver, Black & Cream)
- Cream damask color -overlay for banquet table
-Gold damask taffeta with petals table cloth
-Gold satin rose design table cloth
-Lacey overlay for banquet table pink
-Lacey overlay for banquet tables gold color
-Red taffeta pinktuck table cloth
-Royal blue pinktuck banquet table cloth
-White taffeta Pinktuck banquet table cloth
-Lacey Over Lay for round banquet table-purple~lilac~gold~pink
-Lacey Table Clothes (Gold, White & Silver)
* Chair Cover
-Fitted spandex (Gold & White)
-Fitted stripped (Gold & Cream)
-Damask Fitted (Gold & cream)
-Local Fitted (Cream & White)
* Rental of Decoration Accessories
-LED Sofa and Centre Table
-LED Cubes
-Candelabra for centre piece
-Candelabra Stand
-Crystal Candelabra
-LED Candles
-Gaint White Palms
-Candles Stand
-LED Candle Stand
*Stage, stage carpet and walkway carpet


Sales of Christmas and Other Gift Items






*The above rental items
*Christmas Trees, Ornament and Accessories
*Decoration light and accessories
*Flowers for Event Venues, Homes & Offices (Fresh, Silk or Artificial)
*Bouquets & Wreaths
*Ribbons, Petals & Gel
*Flora Planters & Gift Items
*Vases (Ceramic and Clear Glass)

*State of the art decoration of Event Venues, Homes, Offices and Reception Halls
*Venue Decoration with Flowers, Fabrics Draping, Balloons and Decorative Light
*Lying in state decoration


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